Our Leather

Leather is versatile natural product. It comes in many forms and is produced in a wide variety of ways and styles. Our design team works closely with our artisans to hand-select the perfect leather for each garment and we work 2 seasons in advance to develop techniques for a unique finish.

The leather from which all of our products are made is from full grain sheep goat and cow skins hand-tanned especially for us at a state of the art facility in India. This way we can ensure our leather is of the highest quality and tanned under good working conditions with care and attention to the environment. All our materials are ethically sourced; we visit factories regularly to ensure animals are treated as humanly as possible and that any dyes used do not leave a lasting impact on the environment. 

Types of Leather and Finishes

Smooth Sheepskin

The smooth sheep leather is undeniably one of the best types of leather in the market. Sculpt artisans use Full-grain smooth leather, which enhances the premium quality of the products. We have retained the natural aspect of the full grain leather whilst ensuring it has a great depth of colour. Several items on our catalogue are available in this soft material, which is proof of the sheepskin’s versatility and elegance.

Vintage Lamb Leather

This waxy leather is made from full grain vegetable / chrome tanned lamb skins. The tanned leather then has an aniline treatment and is hand-finished with layers of waxes and oils to give it a deep rich aspect. Made in a range of natural tans the shadow leather is beautiful to touch and the depth of the colour is enhanced by the two tone effect. We use this leather to make classic bikers and zipper jackets which enhances the outfit with a lot of character. This unique leather may appear simple at first sight, but on closer look one will appreciate its inherent beauty.

Goat Suede Leather

This supple leather is used in our collection of jackets in combination with sheep skin. It has a smooth texture with a gorgeous look and velvety feel of a goat leather. Though it requires more care in maintenance it is worth its weight in gold for its rich appearance

sculpt leather jackets

Premium quality

Ethically sourced. Hand selected for the best quality. We travel around the world to bring the finest leather and craftmanship. The coats are made by highly skilled artisans who share our passion for superior materials, exceptional designs, and meticulous attention to detail.