About Us

Welcome to Sculpt, where we create fashion that empowers! Our designs are created on the understanding that a great fit brings confidence and attitude to any outfit of the day. For style, fit and quality, specifically designed to make you feel GREAT, we’re on a mission to bring incredible, thoughtfully produced, fashion forward looks to you.

Sculpt: Your Style Destination For Leather

As an International design company, we’re at home in the style capital, London. Sculpt is committed to provide beautiful leather jackets to our valued clients across the country. Our showcase covers an exceptional range of high quality casual and special event garments that will become standout key pieces in any wardrobe. 

The Sculpt range includes:

  • Womens Leather Jackets
  • Mens Leather Jackets
  • Shearling Jackets & More

We believe great style shouldn’t come with hidden costs. With an purpose of fair production at every point, our people want to ensure great outcomes for all involved. Committed to the whole process, from design to manufacturing through to retail and the customers experience, all of our raw materials are carefully sourced and considered from leading farms and factories the globe over. We take great care in sourcing our connections while prioritizing Eco-friendly, positive working conditions for their employees. Each product we make is subject to strict quality control standards, in order to make sure the products you find online at Sculpt perform in the way you expect, adding to life and letting you make the most of every moment in style.

Comfortable, Leading Edge Style You’ll Love.

We believe that great style should never get in the way of fun. We’ve put plenty of thought into creating pieces that go the extra mile when it comes to your comfort- this means no uncomfortable seam lines, no awkward fits, no itchy textiles: Sculpt Leather jackets are chosen for their capacity to meld and weightlessly compliment the many shapes and sizes of our customers…

Quality Without Compromise

Once our product gets to you, you will immediately notice the attention to detail and care that goes into the production of the pieces we create. With superb quality and a superb fit at the core of our promise to the customer, we have prioritised fit, comfort and individuality in every design.

Set your fashion goals high by shopping for the best designer dresses online at an unbelievably discounted rates. Sculpt invites the fashion enthusiasts to shop for smart, sexy, chic and trendy dresses to help you be the fashion icon. Our collection includes a vast range of Suede Jackets, Shearling Jacketsmen’s leather jackets and women's leather jackets in varied designs, colours and styles to help you make an impressive style-statement and turn all heads towards you at any party.

We’re Here for You.

At Sculpt, we’re creators with a vision of purpose. We’re 100% focused on the customer and understanding the individual expectations of our valued clients, wherever they work, rest or play. We can’t wait to share our beautiful catalogue of high quality garments with you!

Want to touch base with the Sculpt team? We’re here for you. Email us at support@sculptleather.com for more information about our range.

Company - Sculpt Pty Ltd

UK Registration Number - 13576535