Style Tips For Those Who Love To Wear Bespoke Leather Jackets

Sure, you got your leather jacket spot on. But the question is what you are going to fill the rest of your wardrobe with!

For the leather lover, it is quite easy to choose the leather jacket design of their choice. After all, there are only so many designs you can choose from. But there are endless choices for the rest of your wardrobe. And if you make the wrong choice, then the style quotient of your precious leather-wear is going to be diminished!

But as always, we have got you covered. Here are style tips that will have you ready for any season and for any occasion. Whether you are trying to add a leather jacket to your casual outfit made by bespoke tailors or any other outfit, here are the secrets to being on top of the style game!

What to wear with a classic black leather jacket?

Be it winter or summer, the classic black leather look will always have you ready to step out in your best form. If it’s summer then you can simply throw it over a monochrome tee shirt or even a floral dress to add a bit of spunk to your casual sense.

Part of the reason why this jacket is called a classic is that it can go with almost anything. Throw it over a pair of jeans and sandals, or a hoodie, jogging pants, and sneakers, and you will have your best look ready! If it’s peak summer and you still want to have your leather look on, a sleeveless tee shirt is your best option.

What to avoid: Try to avoid tee shirts that have too many designer prints as this can draw the attention away from the jacket and your overall look. Pay attention to your footwear and avoid caps.

What to wear with a biker leather jacket?

A biker leather jacket makes sure that you are the centre of attention, so it’s extremely important that you style it right. If you prefer a subtle look then you can simply go for a white tee shirt and jeans. But if you really want to send the over-the-top vibes, tight printed pants are a great choice. In the case of the latter try to match the pants with boots or heels.

If you want a casual look while not letting go of your favourite biker leather jacket, then you can wear it over a tight dress or a checkered shirt. In such a case try not to go for a cropped jacket, rather an oversized one that shrugs close to your body will give you the right look.

What to avoid: If you are wearing the jacket over a dress, not fastening the zip is a good idea, the same goes for shirts. Otherwise, there are no rules for wearing a biker leather jacket.

What to wear with a brown leather jacket?

Another classic piece of clothing, a brown leather jacket screams a vintage sense of fashion, and it must be styled accordingly. One of the best options is to choose contrasting colors for your upper wear. Anything from blue and green to grey will really complement the color of a shiny brown leather jacket.

Since you can get a brown leather jacket in any cut and shape, the clothing you choose to go with it will largely depend on what style you have chosen. One of the best things about brown leather jackets is that your baggy pants will go perfectly with them. This is something that will never go right with classic leather jackets or any other black ones. You can also wear an over sized brown leather jacket over designer suits.

What to avoid: White tees and brown leather jackets are a bad combo.

What to wear with a colourful leather jacket?

A leather jacket doesn’t necessarily need to be vintage or biker. With a red or purple leather jacket, you can be absolutely chic or you can even pick one with a colorful fur collar. The idea again is to pick contrasting colors when it comes to your upper wear. This allows the color of the jacket to really flourish.

When choosing bottom wear, black tight jeans or tights are your best friend. You can go with a black skirt or black denim shorts as well. For footwear, one of the best options is to pick something that has streaks of the color of your jacket. You can experiment with different types of footwear as well.

What to avoid:  Try not to overdo the bottom wear and you should be fine.

What accessories to wear with a leather jacket?

Sunglasses are the go-to accessory to spice up your leather look. Choose bigger frames, but not ones that you would generally wear with a dress or a tuxedo. A wristwatch (almost lost in today’s times) is a nice addition to the vintage look as well.

If you want to carry a bag it’s best not to go with backpacks. Rather go for a sling bag, you can also wear it inside the leather jacket in case the bag is of a bigger size. For women, handheld bags are perfect for the casual leather look.

What to avoid: Too much neck-oriented jewellery can ruin the fashionable effect of your leather jacket.

Final words

The fashion possibilities with a leather jacket are truly endless. But don’t simply envision yourself in a designer leather jacket. Have your whole look figured out, and you will be the rockstar of your every moment. Pick the design of your jacket, and then pick what you want to go with it. With a leather jacket, you can choose to draw in the crowd or get lost in it, depending on how you style it. So, make sure you know what you want.

This style guide should help you along the way, but make sure to pick a wardrobe that provides you comfort, even if it means breaking a few rules!