Three looks with leather jackets we can't wait to try!

leather jackets

If you’re wondering what to wear with your new leather jacket, the endless possibilities can be overwhelming! One of the best qualities of a great leather jacket is how versatile they are. Gone are the days when a leather jacket had a single purpose - to keep out the cold- while we might admit this is a lasting quality that is still super important, leather jackets offer far more than just temp control- we absolutely LOVE these three totally individual leather jacket looks!

The Look: Cheeky and Casual

  • Wine or Navy Jumpsuit
  • Chunky Resin Jewellery
  • Chelsea boots
  • Neutral Leather Jacket

A day-dare, dinner, movies with a friend or something fun to head downtown in, this fun and edgy ensemble is pulled off completely by a good grade leather jacket. We love the chocolate and tan tones that come together to build a fab look. Add a pair of reflective aviators and you’re AWAY!

 The Look: Bold Rock

  • Black tailored leather
  • Deep black jeans
  • Silver Drop Earrings
  • Your fave fitted tank
  • Crimson Stiletto points

Its not for everyone, but everyone loves this look. Go see a band or meet up with the girls in this striking look made effortlessly cool with the help of a gorge inky leather jacket. Top it off with a bold red lip and youve got a jaw dropping look going!

 The Look: Business Chic

  • Bomber Jacket
  • High waisted stovepipe pants
  • Scoop neck white silk blouse
  • Gold Flat Link Necklace
  • Black Heels

Workwear can become tiresome, but not when youve got a beautifully tailored black leather jacket to help you pull off a super cool, professional look. Pair your jacket with the clean lines of stovepipes and the freshness of a white silk blouse, simple gold details and a pair of superb heels. Go for a sleek low ponytail and an envelope clutch and the day is yours to conquer!

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