Some Leather Jacket Trends Of 2021

If you mix heritage, attitude and machismo, what you will get is a classic piece of dressing, better known as the leather jacket. Worn by a sizeable section of the population and equally popular amongst the sexes, here are some of the leather jacket trends of 2021 that caught the eye. 

These include both men's leather jackets as well as women's leather jackets

1. Custom Jackets:

 if you are chasing the better version of your self, a customized jacket, which was one of the highlights of the year, is your go-to option. Black leather jackets with custom names, logos and designs can go a long way in establishing your custom jacket as one that truly bears your signature. 

Apart from making an emphatic statement, the jackets are comfortable and warm. 

2. Bomber Jacket:

 Your wardrobe in 2021 would not be complete without the stylish bomber jacket, which is a tribute to the flight jacket of yore. The bomber jacket is loose in the midsection, having a zipper for the front closure. If you want you can also opt for a bomber jacket with knit collars and cuffs, thus increasing the desirability of the jacket. 

3. Trench Coat:

 This is a slight deviation from the strict definition of a jacket. However, the trench coat, made of leather, manages to cover you from neck to ankle. There are lots of pockets, an advantage with trench coats where you can keep many things on your person. These coats are the best for changing weather, rainy seasons in particular. 

In recent times, men and women fashion icons have shown that trench coats can be reinvented to go with the times. 

4. Leather Field Jacket: 

If you prefer a leather jacket with large pockets, this is the jacket for you. Inspired by the jackets which military personnel wore, this jacket is eye-catching, with four large pockets situated on the front of the jacket. 

If you are buying a jacket for utility, this is a good choice for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. 

5. The Leather Flight Jacket:

 Going back to over 70 years, when this jacket was brought into commission by the military, they had two distinctive patch flop pockets on the front. You would be surprised to know that the ever-popular bomber jacket evolved from the leather flight jacket. 

6. Distressed Leather Jackets: 

For 2021, the distressed leather jacket received a lot of attention. Available in a multitude of types, it can lay claim to being a whole different style altogether. From motorcyclists to the average person, distressed leather works well with just about anybody. 

The artisanship of distressed leather jackets goes a long way in seducing you to buy them. 

7. Quilted Leather Jackets:

 Big this year, quilted leather jackets have found favour with folks who like a bit of padding on the insides to keep you warm. Versatility is another plus with the quilted leather jacket. 

Having gone through these leather jacket trends of 2021, you will be in a better position to judge what is right for you and order accordingly.