Leather Jackets - More Tempting than a Cinnabon

What’s that you say?

The crisp fashionable choice of a leather jacket is more tempting than a freshly baked cinnamon cake?

Could it be true?

The answer?

Yes, of course!

These classic jackets ARE more tempting than a Cinnabon.

Not convinced yet? Here’s seven reasons why you should skip that next cinnamon roll and instead go find that cool leather piece for your closet:

leather jackets for men

The Longevity

While the warm, gooey, sticky, sweet treat of a Cinnabon is appealing it doesn’t really compare to the hardy, trendiness of a standard leather jacket. A Cinnabon is a quick pleasure. A few bites and done. But leather jackets? Well, they have permanence. A smooth leather jacket never goes out of style. It has panache.

 A classic wardrobe piece, Mens Leather Jackets and Womens leather jackets have long been found in everyone’s closet. Durable outwear that always makes a statement is what gives these jackets their perpetual popularity. A timeless movement in fashion, you can look edgy, formal, interesting, cool and mysterious at any time of the year.

A lady could find herself pairing her jacket with a simple silk dress to give her outfit some edge. Or she might find herself dressing up a casual t-shirt, paired with trendy leather boots. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Sculpt a leather jacket.

 Leather jackets for men create a similar statement. Dress up a t-shirt or dress down a button-up. Made to be interesting fashion pieces, these jackets draw the eye. Simple or extravagant, the adaptability makes it a must-have fashion item.  

The Smell

Sweet treats do smell tantalising, but nothing compares to the smell of well-loved leather. The smell of leather may trigger the memory of an exhilarating adventure or maybe a long-open road with boundless possibilities. Or maybe even images of Hollywood favourites like James Dean. Whatever the memory, that earthy, rich smell of well-worn leather that’s all your own will have you salivating at the mouth.

The Vibe

A Cinnabon is delicious snack. There is no denying that. But Sculpt’s leather jackets can make you look better and broadcast your story to the world simultaneously. Wearing a leather jacket inevitably gives you an air of authority. It lets the world know that you mean business. That you’re decisive. In control. No one just throws on their leather jacket.  They wake up and make a choice to be stylish. That command of attention is something no simple Cinnabon can give you.

Men’s leather jackets have an attitude all by their lonesome. Whether the jacket is smooth and sophisticated or grungier, the wearer creates a vibe of toughness and dominance. Its imperturbable and effortlessly cool. A personality that doesn’t feel forced or put on.  The wearer makes an announcement without ever saying anything.

The feeling surrounding women wearing leather jackets is sexy, mysterious and durable. The toughness offset by feminine tailoring is innately suggestive and alluring. Eating a Cinnabon is a messy affair. It gets your fingers sticky and frosting dribbles down your face. There’s nothing sexy about that.

The Protection

Can a sticky cake protect you from the weather and the elements?

Not so much.

Can a Cinnabon keep you warm?

Didn’t think so.

Leather jackets can do both. Have a summer dress you want to transition into fall? Pull your tailored women’s leather jacket off the hanger and wear it confidently over your shoulders. ¡Viola! Your light dress is now perfect to brave the chilly air. Pair with a nice set of tights and you’ re well on your way to becoming a true fashionista.

The History

Putting on a leather jacket hearkens back to a different era. If you’re wearing a bomber style, with a big collar and puffy sleeves, people will think about the World War I style of leather jacket. Worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. It’ll bring up images of pilot aces and tough fighters.

Others will be reminded of the ‘bad boys’ of Hollywood. They’ll picture Marlon Brando leaning against a motorcycle.

People might be reminded of the Wild West in your cattleman style jacket. Outlaws and cowboys and rugged terrain will dominate the aura of this jacket.

No matter the style, no matter if you are a man or a woman, a leather jacket has history. It has roots. It reminds people of where we came from and can even be a lead into the future when paired with other trendy items. A timeless piece works as a reference to fashion history but also can pave the way for more iconic fashion moments.

Celebrity Likeness

Celebs all around the world are known for incorporating different types of leather into their clothes. There are the classic fictional references, like Olivia Newton-John at the end of Grease. One of the most memorable leather jackets of all time. Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club in that red cattleman’s jacket or maybe Harrison Ford in his classic Han Solo get-up.  Keanu Reeves in the Matrix anyone? Chris Pratt as Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy is another recognizable red leather jacket.

 leather jackets

But beyond characters, celebrities wear leather jackets in everyday life. It may be Kristin Stewart going for coffee or Miley Cyrus in her latest music video. These trends are always rotating in and out of celebrity apparel. Liken yourself to your favorite fashion influences. Take a page from their books. Find a leather piece that compliments your style and add it to your closet.

The Investment

You read that right. A jacket like this is an investment. A strong piece from Sculpt will last you. It will stand up to wear and tear (as long as you take care of your purchase.) As soon as you eat a dessert it’s gone. With a strong leather jacket—while can’t be eaten, just for the record—you’ll find yourself returning back to that piece again and again. Any outfit that needs that extra flash, that extra push into being a fashion statement? You’ll find yourself reaching for that jacket in your closet. An easy add to any outfit, it will elevate your style for years to come.

So much so you’ll probably find yourself looking to add more than one leather jacket to your collection. By adding multiple pieces in different styles and colours you’ll continue to evolve your style.

While some may say comparing a chic jacket to a Cinnabon is like comparing apples to oranges, they’d be wrong. Both are a way to feel luxurious, decadent and in control. A Cinnabon may be a quick fix, but a leather jacket is way more tempting. The leather jacket lets the wearer be cool without the calories. Plus if you eat too many Cinnabon’s, you might not fit into that breathtaking jacket anymore ;). Besides why not just combine the best of both worlds?  Eat a Cinnabon in your leather jacket.

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