Get the classic, bad-ass look in leather!!!

A leather jacket is the epitome of style! This piece of luxury clothing has the ability to notch up your style quotient and make you look smoldering hot, yet effortlessly cool at the same time.

How to look absolutely bad-ass in a leather jacket? Read on to find some practical tips on how to nail the look!

Man wearing a leather jacket


First things first, fitting is one major factor to be considered when buying a leather jacket. A leather jacket, let's face it, is expensive and supposed to last a lifetime. Fitting is what sets your look apart and is the thin line that makes or breaks your look.

Go for jackets with armholes that are placed higher on the jacket and give easy arm movement. The shoulder seam placement must be just right for great fitting. The sleeve length must end just at the wrist and not extend further.


As you might have already known, leather jackets come in many styles. You got the classic Biker look, complete with studs, the pretty cool Bomber style leather jacket, Vintage style, and hooded ones.

Though the Biker leather jacket looks amazing, you might want to ask yourself - do you really need a biker’s jacket for a stroll outdoors? Padded shoulders might look over the top, but if you are game for it, why not?

Get a style that matches your requirement after all a leather jacket is going to be an integral and long-lasting part of your wardrobe.

man wearing a biker leather jacket


Cheaply made leather jackets look synthetic, and the skin used most likely is chemically processed. These kinds develop cracks very soon and become unusable in a short span of time. The fitting also goes for a toss in low-quality jackets.

Going for good quality leather and paying a bit more for that high-quality jacket is definitely not going to hurt you in the longer run.


The material used for lining the body of the jacket and the sleeve determines your level of comfort when you wear the jacket.The synthetic lining makes you uncomfortable and hot inside your jacket. Go for lining made of natural, breathable material. One more thing to look out for is a separate lining for the sleeves and the body.

inner lining of a leather jacket

Color and type of leather

Black and brown are the two classic colors that never go out of style. You can get more adventurous with leather jackets in other colors too. You could even pick a jacket in white!

Sheepskin, lambskin, and cow-skin are just some of the many options you will come across when you are looking to buy a leather motorcycle jacket. Lambskin is the most preferred of the lot, given its soft, supple, and lightweight nature.

man wearing a hooded leather jacket


It is all about the details. The outer stitching and the thread used say a lot about the durability. You don't want the stitching to unravel before its time. The metal fixtures used must be high-quality and rustproof. The zippers have to be strong and must slide along easily

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