Easy Tips For Removing Leather Jacket Wrinkles

Leather jackets are some of the most long-lasting pieces of clothing you will ever own. But this does not mean they are not prone to wear and tear. And the most basic wear and tear on a leather jacket begins with wrinkles.

The most common case is a leather jacket being wrinkled from being folded and stored. And while many tend to ignore wrinkles on their jackets thinking it gives the jacket a vintage look, if you don't remove these wrinkles they will soon affect the material. And before you know it a tear will appear and ruin your favorite jacket!

There are multiple cases where a leather jacket has ended up tearing due to non-maintenance. So, here are some quick and easy tips to get your leather jacket wrinkle-free in no time!


Never iron your leather jackets directly. This will surely damage the jacket beyond repair. Rather, what you need to do is cover the wrinkled area with a piece of cloth (linen or cotton), and iron slowly on top of that. Set the heat level between mid and low, and press softly on top of the cloth. Repeat this a few times and the wrinkles will have disappeared. Also, make sure not to spray water before ironing the leather jacket.


If the wrinkles on your jacket are not too deep then a steaming session will help get rid of them. Simply hang the jacket in your bathroom, turn on the steam, and let it sit there awhile. Make sure that no water touches the jacket. You can simply do this while taking a shower and your jacket will be as good as new. This is a great trick to have your jacket wrinkle-free and save money by not getting it steamed professionally.

Weight on top & Hanging the jacket with a hanger

Layout the jacket on a flat and hard surface. Now with your fingers stretch out the wrinkled portions and place something of heavy weight on top of these areas. Heavy books are a great option but you are free to use your imagination. Leave the jacket in this state overnight and by morning the wrinkles will have all disappeared.

While the leather is still fresh, it needs to breath. Hanging a leather jacket for a while helps in removing the wrinkles. As the jacket ages, it will only get better and better.


Wearing it

As stated before, leather jackets get wrinkled from storage. So, if you do the reverse of storing it, i.e. wear it regularly, the wrinkles will be gone. This will of course take some time and will depend on the depth of the wrinkles as well. If you have slight wrinkles then wearing it for a few hours will ensure their removal, but if they are deep then you will need to repeat the process for consecutive days.

If your leather jacket is wrinkled then do not ignore the signs. This is the first step of its destruction and if taken care of immediately it will ensure the longevity of the jacket. And of course, ensure that you buy the best quality leather jackets made by professionals and you will have to deal with wrinkles the least.

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